Pay Your Dues Online
At the request of several members, we now accept credit and debit cards as forms of payment for quarterly dues, contributions to the RI Foundation and other club financial obligations.  Please remember that your dues are payable upon receipt of your quarterly invoice.
You may pay your birthday book fees, special project pledges and other club financial obligations as well as your Foundation pledge by clicking the appropriate images below. A service charge will be added.
PayPal Fees
To facilitate your convenience of using credit or debit cards, the Club has set up an account with PayPal, a secure Internet payment service. The service is not free. The Board has decided the Club would absorb the fee for using credit cards for Club Dues only. There will be a service fee added to your contibution to the Foundation, payment for Birthday Books, contributions to the Holiday Fund and other non-dues liabilities. 
As an incentive to encourage prompt, consistent and automatic payment, the Board has agreed to offer a discount. If you elect to have your credit/debit card billed automatically each quarter by selecting the "Automatic Recurring Payments" button, you will save $5.00 per quarter.
PayPal is a very popular Internet financial service provider with widespread users. Because it is so popular, it is a target for those unscrupulous persons seeking to steal your personal information. They send ficticious e-mail messages posing as PayPal "phishing" for your personal information. A genuine message from PayPal will ALWAYS begin with your complete name as the salutation. Fake messages usually begin with something like "Dear PayPal Customer." To help combat these phishing e-mail messages, PayPal asks that if you receive such messages, you forward the supicious message to them at You will get a response notifying you whether the message was genuine or fake. 
Go here for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer.

Clicking on an image below will take you to PayPal, a secure internet payment processor, where you can pay your quarterly club dues.
Before paying online, you must click here to read an
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Birthday Books
Holiday Fund
Club Dues
$200.00 per quarter as of January 1, 2009
Lunch Guest Fees
B-B-Q Tickets
Official PayPal Seal
You initiate payment each quarter
Automatic recurring payment - discount!
Spring Social Guest Fees
Golf Outing Guest Fees
Fall Outing Guest Fees
If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer or the Webmaster.
If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer.
If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer.
Pay odd amounts of dues here.