Privacy Issues

If you have suffered Identity Theft or if you want to avoid it, we recommend your first stop be the Federal Trade Commission.
The American Bankers Association, Better Business Bureau, National Consumer Law Center, Identity Theft Resource Center and the Virginia Attorney General's office all have advice on safeguarding your financial information.

So you want to steal identities but don't feel like dumpster diving? No problem, just go to your local Court Clerk's office and ask to see public records. Oh, you don't want to be seen in the Court building? Even easier, go to the Clerk's web site and download millions of full names, signatures, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, mothers' maiden names, addresses, children's names -- you name it, and it's almost free! There is a watchdog organization trying to get the Legislature to change the law that makes it legal to post our private information on the Internet open to anyone. Go to The Virginia Watchdog.

Tired of so many telemarketing calls?
Register your home, office and cellular phone numbers with the Federal Trade Commission's National DO NOT CALL List.

Equally tired of receiving so many credit card offers? Go here to Opt Out of being offered so many. Get your name off the target list.

People are growing increasingly worried about privacy issues and providers of Internet based protection services recognize a potential market when they see one. Among the companies offering identity theft protection services are Intelius, Intersections, MyPublicInfo and UniPrivacy. All of the services are for a fee and require the disclosure of private information that in itself may prove risky. Consequently, great care must be taken as you attempt to shield yourself from danger in the electronic age.

Thanks to Financial Counselors of Virginia, Inc. for supplying this page.