Our Club - Propose a New Member
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While it is an honor to be asked to join the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, this is not an honorary club. All members are expected to do their parts as functioning and contributing members of the club.

Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Portsmouth require that a person proposed for membership meet certain requirements. They must be a person of commendable character and honorable action. They should be a leader in their skill or profession and of enough stature in their work endeavors that they have the time to devote to Rotary functions including meetings and club activities. Likewise, they should have the financial resources to meet the obligations and expectations of membership. 

It is the responsibility of the proposing member to apprise the potential member of all obligations of time and treasure in as much detail as possible. The proposed new member must know what they are getting into and what is expected of them. If you have questions as to what you must tell a propospective member, please contact the President

To the right are two forms used to propose a new member. Please print them and read them before you give either of them to a prospective member. Note that the How to Propose a New Member brochure does not go to the new member but is completed by the proposing member, the Classification Committee and the Secretary.

Please note also, it is the proposing member's responsibility to mentor the new member in all things Rotary including helping them navigate their way through the Red Badge process.

Remember, it is your responsibility as a member of this club to propose one new member to replace yourself and one to help the club grow. More is better.